About the Exhibition

KazFarm - 2024

Это единственная выставка по животноводству и мясо-молочной промышленности в Казахстане с тематикой полного охвата – от эмбрионов до готовой продукции и сервиса в различных отраслях животноводства.

The main thematic sections of the KazFarm exhibition:

Exhibition program

The business program of the exhibitions is always rich: from presentations and animal auctions to business missions and signing memorandums between domestic and foreign companies.

The organization of exhibitions will meet all the requirements of sanitary and epidemiological standards. 

The scale and influence of the exhibition is increasing every year, now they have become the largest and most influential events in the field of agriculture in Kazakhstan.


KazAgro/KazFarm-2022 presents a unique opportunity for mutually beneficial long-term cooperation.