The only exhibition on animal husbandry in Kazakhstan with a full range of topics – from embryos to finished products. The exposition of the exhibition will be widely represented by all elite and rare breeds of animals. Livestock is one of the traditional and leading branches of agriculture in the republic.

The most important branches of animal husbandry in the republic are horse, cattle and sheep breedings. At the exhibition “KazFarm” will be held an assessment of the breeding value of cattle (bonitation) and an auction of farm animals, which is attended by all Chambers of Cattle in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Exhibition sections:

Animal husbandry, poultry farming.
Livestock and dairy farms.
Feed for animals and birds.
The latest animal and bird diets, concentrates, premixes, feed and vitamin supplements.
Genetics and breeding in animal husbandry.
Veterinary medicine and biologics.
Equipment and technologies for slaughterhouses and butchering.
Cooking and smoking systems.
Packaging and packing equipment.
Transportation, warehousing, freezing, storage.
Industrial hygiene, safety, waste disposal.
Modern technologies and equipment for the cultivation, care and maintenance of livestock

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